Traitors’ Gate

By (author)Claire Eamer

Take a walk in time by passing through eight remarkable entrances with kings and queens, saints and slaves. In this book, the glorious and sometimes blighted history of doorways unfolds in profiles that tell the story of each history-rich portal.

As well as Traitors’ Gate, the much-feared entry into the Tower of London, you’ll find doorways that lead into al-Khazneh, carved into the side of a cliff in southern Jordan, Sankoré Mosque in Timbuktu, Rome’s Castel Sant’Angelo, and a slave-trade castle in Ghana. The Meridian Gate opens into Beijing’s Forbidden City. A gold-encrusted doorway in the Kremlin once led nervous subjects into the presence of the infamous Czar Ivan the Terrible. And a T-shaped doorway in Spruce Tree House in the southwestern United States is a silent reminder of the people who abandoned their cliff village centuries ago.

“The story of each doorway is a well-told romp through history and archaeology.” Quill & Quire

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